Turnkey Projects

Design and build a complete ETO sterilization facilities

A turnkey project is a complete project that is designed, built, and tested by a single provider. In the context of ETO sterilization, a turnkey project typically involves designing and building a complete ETO sterilization facility, including the sterilization equipment, environmental control systems, and other related infrastructure.

A turnkey project can offer several benefits, including faster project completion times, reduced risk of errors or miscommunication between multiple providers, and potentially lower costs due to economies of scale.

The process typically involves several stages, including planning and design, equipment procurement and installation, commissioning and validation, and ongoing support and maintenance by our in-house expertise.

We provide Installation of Sterilization System (Pre-Conditioning room / Chamber / Aeration room / Scrubber and etc)

Currently, our team had installed the ETO system in Malaysia, Indonesia and Uganda, this system had completed installation and commissioning.

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